27th of March - 31st of March

D= Dairy-free G= Gluten-free L= Lactose-free LL= Low lactose V=Vegan


  • Breaded chicken& yoghurt sauceL,G
  • Roasted beetroot& brieLL,G
  • VichyssoiseL,G
  • Feta saladL,G
  • VEGAN: Roasted beetroot, nuts& veggie cheeseG


  • Pasta BologneseD
  • Mediterranean style fish stewM,G
  • Chicken&coconut soupD,G
  • Cheese saladL,G
  • VEGAN: Mediterranean style tofu stewG


  • Sesame& ginger beefD,G
  • Powdered liver steaks& lingonberryL,G
  • Beetroot soup with Aura cheeseL,G
  • Marinated kale& cheese saladL,G
  • VEGAN: Sesame&ginger seasoned fava beansG


  • Texmex style pork& CheddarLL,G
  • Vegetable patties& lemon sauceL
  • Pea soup& *pan cakesD,G*L
  • Herbs& cream cheese filled omelette rollL,G
  • VEGAN: Vegetable pattiesG


  • Chicken& herb sauceL,G
  • Fried saithe& tartar sauceL,G
  • Sausage soupD,G
  • Sweet potato& quinoa salad with smoked almondsD,G
  • VEGAN: Vegan steaks& herb sauce


Buffet lunch 12,70€

Vegan lunch 12,40€

Soup/ salad buffet 12,00€

Special diets are available daily.

Lunch on weekdays from 11:00 to 13:30