23th of May-27th of May 2022

D= Dairy-free G= Gluten-free L= Lactose-free LL= Low lactose  V=vegan


  • Moroccan style meat stewD,G
  • Feta& tomato pastaL
  • Sweet potato& coconut soupL,G
  • Caesar salad with shrimpsL,G
  • VEGAN: Tomato pasta and veggie Koftas


  • Chicken Tikka MasalaD,G
  • Carrot patties and creamy spinach stewL
  • Sausage soupD,G
  • Feta saladL,G
  • VEGAN: Carrot, spinach&chickpeasG


  • Meat patties&fried onionL,G
  • Roasted zucchini&quinoa with tahini sauceD,G
  • Tomato&basil soupL,G
  • Cheese salad with fruitsL,G
  • VEGAN: Roasted zucchini&quinoa with tahini sauceG


  • Restaurant is closed


  • Street Food Friday:
  • Pork RibsD,G
  • Hot dogs with meat&vegetable fillingsL
  • Smoked fish soupL,G
  • Tomato&mozzarella saladL,G
  • VEGAN: Hot Dogs with vegetable filling



Buffet lunch 11,30€

Vegan lunch 11,00€

Soup/ salad lunch 10,50€

Special diets are available daily.

Lunch  on weekdays from 11:00 to 13:30